Our Story

Our Mission


We are on a mission to transform the legacy transfer process —to prepare and protect, educate and equip, families— using emerging technologies.

Even while facing the greatest wealth transfer in human history, people remain woefully unprepared to distribute their estates. Relying on current —wholly unsustainable— models could cost beneficiaries large portions of their rightful inheritance.

Core Values


It is our aim to be able to offer ExecuVault™ FREE to the end-user (to benefactors and to their beneficiaries) in order to maximize its sustainable value —adoption and growth— worldwide.

"I just needed two more weeks at my desk"

Stanley T. Kieller

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind... had such tools been available —had they existed— not only would my dad have used them, he would’ve been their biggest proponent. And yes. He probably would have held a family meeting —hosted a weekend bootcamp— to ensure we all used them too.


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