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Nothing should come between your loved ones and your legacy. And yet, millions of bereaved beneficiaries discover, far too late; that so much does. It's your legacy. You've earned it. We think you've earned the right to direct it, as well as to protect against the many unanticipated challenges and expenses your rightful heirs could face, while attempting to claim it. That's why we're on a mission to offer unprecedented control over the planning, management, and transfer of your estate— on your own terms, at your own pace. Start planning, for free, now.

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ExecuVault XV Legacy Transfer App

For You & Your Loved Ones

It's your legacy. You've earned it. Haven't you also earned the right to direct it as you see fit? Ensure your beneficiaries receive what is rightfully theirs. Start planning, for free, now.

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For Advisors & Lawyers

Today's globally empowered consumer expects maximum convenience and demands unprecedented control. Engage with your clients on a whole new level.

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The shift to customer-centricity is a long overdue strategic imperitive. Get ahead of the industry game-changer. Equip your agents, for tomorrow, today.

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For Partners & Investors

We are on a mission to transform the legacy transfer process —to prepare and protect, educate and equip, families— using emerging technologies. Join our mission.

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Beneficiaries face numerous unanticipated challenges while at their most vulnerable. Ambiguous documentation can lead to costly disputes that have been known to drag out for years and tear families apart.

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Even while facing the greatest wealth transfer in human history, people remain woefully unprepared to distribute their estates. Relying on current —wholly unsustainable— models could cost beneficiaries large portions of their rightful inheritance.

We are on a mission to transform the legacy transfer process —to prepare and protect, educate and equip, families— using emerging technologies.

XV Legacy Transfer

Inside Your Vault

Once you have signed up for your XV Legacy account, you'll see that we have organized your personalized vault into the following five main sections:

  • Profile

    This is where you'll edit your ExecuVault Account Details, add and 'geo-pin' Important Locations, store copies of Documents + Records, outline guardianship or care Directives for your dependents, and organize safeguarded access hints for your online subscriptions and digital devices.

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  • Connections

    This area is all about your people. Most important among them, those who will require the documents you are protecting and the plans you are preparing— your Beneficiaries. Add and invite your loved ones. Let them know you are using ExecuVault for your own peace of mind, as well as for theirs. You may also store additional contacts your loved ones may need to reach, add registered charities you wish to support posthumously, and include any trusted advisors or legal professionals you want to consult or involve while planning your estate.

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  • Assets

    We've provided five categories to help you organize and bequeath your assets: Accounts + Investments, Insurance Policies, Properties, Vehicles, and Collectibles. You can attach digital copies of related files (like receipts, statements, certificates of authenticity, etc) to each individual asset that you catalogue, in addition to —most importantly— identifying the Beneficiary (or multiple Beneficiaries or Charities) to whom you wish to bequeath it.

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  • Reports

    Realtime reports will help you visualize your legacy transfer plans. They'll appear as soon as you've populated any Assets —and they'll dynamically update, as your plans evolve— as you 'fill your vault'! Get the most out of XV by sharing reports with your trusted advisor.

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  • Support

    Here's where you'll find your master Privacy Settings, as well as the ExecuVault Help Center. You will also have access to our Advisor Locator tool, where you can view listings of trusted estate planning advisors and legal professionals with whom other people in your connected network (i.e. your Beneficiaries and your Benefactors) have engaged or recommended.

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Legacy transfer topics continue to dominate headlines for good reason. We've curated a wide-ranging round-up of Articles + Insights, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

The looming inheritance boom will not wait.

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Within the next two decades, an estimated $68 Trillion USD will transfer from one generation to the next. Perhaps that doesn’t sound like a problem. But it is —a very real, deeply complex and multifaceted one— with enormous fiscal and logistical impact on individuals and industries alike: at all levels of the process and in all roles across the value chain.

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