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It's your legacy. You've earned it. We feel you've earned the right to direct it, as well as to protect against the many unanticipated challenges and expenses your rightful heirs could face, while attempting to claim it. That's why we've partnered with ExecuVault™ to offer you unprecedented control over the planning, management, and transfer of your estate— on your own terms, at your own pace.

We're ready to set up your personalized vault: at no cost to you.

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ExecuVault XV Legacy Transfer App


Add Important Locations so you can identify the whereabouts of original paperwork and tangible assets. Securely store copies of Documents that your survivors will require. Specify preferences for services, along with method of funding, in Arrangements + Wishes. Help trusted survivors navigate your digital world in Devices + Logins. And plan ahead —to protect your assets and your heirs— by detailing Debts + Liabilities.


Add your intended Beneficiaries. Let them know your plans are for their peace-of-mind, as well as for your own. Help sustain causes that are meaningful to you in Charitable Organizations. Ensure vulnerable loved ones are cared for —in a manner commensurate with your wishes— in Dependents. And further ease the burden on your survivors by including any Additional Contacts they'll need to consult while carrying out your plans.


There are five categories to help you organize and bequeath your assets: Accounts + Investments, Insurance Policies, Properties, Vehicles, and Collectibles. You can attach digital copies of related files (titles, photos, financing, certificates of authenticity, etc) —and provide personalized notes— for each asset that you catalogue, in addition to naming one or more Beneficiaries and allocating percentage distribution.


Review the contents of your personalized vault at a glance. These reports will help you —in collaboration with your trusted estate planning advisors and legal professionals— identify gaps and unintentional allocation imbalances in your legacy plans. Your realtime visualization charts will appear, as soon as you've populated any Assets —and they will dynamically update, as your plans evolve— as you add to your vault.

Beneficiaries face numerous unanticipated challenges while at their most vulnerable. Ambiguous documentation can lead to costly disputes that have been known to drag out for years and tear families apart.

Safeguard your assets. Secure their future.

ExecuVault's Mission

behind the platform

ExecuVault is on a mission to transform the legacy transfer process —to prepare and protect, educate and equip, families— using emerging technologies. The Platform is designed to help make it easier for you to initiate conversations with your loved ones: to involve them in the planning process. As such, your ExecuVault account is FREE for you and for your connected Beneficiaries to use throughout your lifetime.

  • Accessing your personalized vault:

    Upon your request, we will create your personalized vault and populate it with any relevant information, documents, and policies we currently have on file for you. We'll send an invitation for you to access your vault. You’ll create your unique login and verify your email address. You can then login and customize your private profile, by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the ExecuVault interface.

  • Emerging technologies behind the legacy transfer process:

    ExecuVault™ employs Blockchain technology to create an immutable record and to automate the division of funds via Smart Contracts that are set up in accordance with the Benefactor’s expressed wishes. Smart Contracts detail the ‘rules’ for assignment and future disbursement, securing all elements within a personalized Vault, immutably recorded on a Blockchain. Payouts are instantaneous and irrefutable once established criteria are met.

  • Privacy encryption and security protocols:

    You are in full control over access privileges and viewing permissions —i.e. what your trusted collaborators can and cannot "do and see"— within your personalized vault. Audit logs provide an indelible history of every action taken by your authorized Connections. Platform infrastructure deploys only to major "vetted top-tier" cloud providers (globally-distributed data center partners that comply with leading security policies and frameworks) who regularly undergo extensive security audits and certifications.

  • Vault unlocking authentications and transaction fees:

    Your ExecuVault™ account is FREE for you —and for your connected Beneficiaries— to use, throughout your lifetime. Transaction fees are processed only upon vault unlocking, which cannot occur without Multi-Factor Authentication (a minimum of two XV Proxy "key-holders", designated by you), and a valid death certificate.

  • Scheduling appointments for group demonstrations:

    Guided demonstrations, for you and your loved ones, may be scheduled by appointment. Let us know if this is of interest and we will keep you apprised of available dates and times, for upcoming hosted zoom sessions, in collaboration with the ExecuVault team.

We're thrilled to introduce you to ExecuVault— the first-of-its-kind digital platform for collaborative estate planning and self-directed legacy transfer.




You'll see 5 tabs along the top of your Essentials page. It is recommended that you add Important Locations, first; so these are readily available for you to ‘tag’ when you’re identifying the whereabouts of original documents and tangible assets for your loved ones. Start with your Principal Residence, for example— this will save you time.




Simply click the "Add" button at the top of your Connections section. There are five categories: 'color-coded', for quick reference. Involving your loved ones in the planning process —along with the informed advisement of your trusted professionals— is the best way to ensure that your wishes are understood and their futures are protected.




Within each of the five "Assets" categories, you can attach digital copies of related files (titles, financing, statements, certificates of authenticity, photos, etc) —and provide personalized notes— for each individual asset that you catalogue, in addition to naming one or more beneficiaries and allocating percentage distribution.




Your realtime reports will appear as soon as you've populated any Assets and they will dynamically update as your plans evolve. These reports will help you —in collaboration with your trusted estate planning advisors and legal professionals— identify gaps and unintentional allocation imbalances in your legacy plans.

On behalf of everyone at ProLaunch Estate Advisory Inc, we thank you for your valued business and —in advance— for your time. We're ready to set up your personized vault: at no cost to you.

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